Weird History The Internet Is All About Senator Chuck Grassley's Bizarre Twitter Feud With The History Channel  

Cleo Egnal
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Chuck Grassley, a Republican Senator from Iowa, has a bone to pick with the History Channel - or, in his own words, the no-History Channel. Grassley's feud with the History Channel stems all the way back to 2012, five years earlier than you expected him to have joined Twitter. A very much one-sided feud, the "dispute" between Chuck Grassley and the History Channel reveals the extent to which people use Twitter as a means of both demanding and inciting attention. Even a public servant with the actual power to affect change like Grassley instead resorts to the echo chamber of Twitter to voice his opinion of a cable network.

Chuck Grassley's tweets, like those of attempted humorist Mike Huckabee, demonstrate that congress and comedy do not go hand-in-hand. Unlike Chef Gordon Ramsay's food criticism tweets, which burn like jalapenos, Grassley's disses impact with the intensity of a hair dryer; basically, they're a bunch of hot air. But as most people know, the past comes back to haunt you, a history lesson Chuck Grassley might want to learn in the age of screencaps.

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Congressman Or Comedian - Who Can Be Sure!


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Moody's Pointless


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Not Understanding How History Works Must Be Difficult


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As A Senator, All Issues Matter To Him



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