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Famous Film Actors From Cincinnati

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List of famous movie actors & actresses who were born in Cincinnati, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Some of these celebrities weren't necessarily born in Cincinnati, as in some cases Cincinnati may only be their hometown and not necessarily their birthplace. If you're from Cincinnati then your city's claim to fame might be that the actors and actresses listed below are from there as well. There may be a lot of famous athletes, musicians and other famous people that were born in Cincinnati, but this list highlights only names of actors and actresses.

Examples of items on this list include Steven Spielberg and Pete Rose.

This list answers the questions, "Which actors are from Cincinnati?" and "Which famous actors were born in Cincinnati?"
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    Aaron Clayton

    Age: 41
    Aaron Clayton is an actor and a film producer....
  • 2
    Adam Gregory (born December 28, 1987) is an American actor. He is best known for playing...  more

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    Amanda Tepe (born October 16, 1977) is an American actress. Tepe is a native of Norwood, Ohio....  more
  • 4

    Amanda Lippert

    Amanda Lippert is an actress....
  • 5
    Ambrit Millhouse is a film actress....  more
  • 6
    Amy Ferguson is an American actress and model. Ferguson is also a singer-songwriter who goes...  more
  • 7
    Amy Marie Yasbeck (born September 12, 1962) is an American actress. She is best known for her...  more

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  • 8

    Amy Simon

    Age: 42
    Amy Simon is an actress....
  • 9

    Andrew Breving

    Age: 41
    Andrew Breving is a film and television actor....
  • 10
    Andy Blankenbuehler (born March 7, 1970) is an American dancer, choreographer and director...  more
  • 11

    Ann May

    Dec. at 84 (1901-1985)
    Ann May (1901 – July 26, 1985) was a silent film star who appeared in motion pictures from...  more
  • 12

    Anthony Campanello

    Anthony Campanello is an actor....
  • 13

    Antrim Short

    Dec. at 72 (1900-1972)
    Antrim Short was an actor....
  • 14

    Arthur Thalasso

    Dec. at 71 (1883-1954)
    Arthur Thalasso (November 26, 1883 – February 13, 1954) was an American stage actor of...  more
  • 15

    Arthur V. Johnson

    Dec. at 40 (1876-1916)
    Arthur Vaughan Johnson (February 2, 1876 – January 17, 1916) was a pioneer actor and director...  more
  • 16

    Bill Ramsey

    Age: 88
    Bill Ramsey is a German-American jazz and pop singer, journalist and actor famous for his...  more
  • 17

    Charles Gordone

    Dec. at 70 (1925-1995)
    Charles Gordone (October 12, 1925 – November 16, 1995) was an American playwright, actor,...  more
  • 18

    Blanche Mehaffey

    Dec. at 60 (1908-1968)
    Blanche Mehaffey (July 28, 1908 – March 31, 1968) was an American showgirl and film actress....  more
  • 19
    Christopher Eric Harris (born December 25, 1973) is an American professional wrestler. He is...  more
  • 20
    William Earl "Bootsy" Collins (born October 26, 1951) is an American musician and...  more

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  • 21

    Brad Baker

    Brad Baker is an actor, a teacher and a stunt performer....
  • 22

    Brenda Scott

    Age: 76
    Brenda Scott is an American film and television actress. Her roles were in such films and...  more
  • 23

    Brian Pillman

    Dec. at 35 (1962-1997)
    Brian William Pillman (May 22, 1962 – October 5, 1997) was an American professional wrestler...  more

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    Bryce David Dessner (born April 23, 1976) is an American composer and guitarist based in...  more
  • 25
    Cajardo Lindsey is an actor....  more