The Best Cinco De Mayo Movies

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The best Cinco de Mayo movies are fun films to watch on or around the holiday. The movies on this list do not necessarily take place on Cinco de Mayo but they do celebrate Mexican culture and heritage, making them great movies to watch on Cinco de Mayo. This list has the most festive Cinco de Mayo movies, many of which are popular titles that won multiple awards. What are the absolute best Cinco de Mayo movies ever released? What films should you watch on Cinco de Mayo?

These are great movies if you are looking to stay in on May 5th, rather than head out to party. This list features the greatest Cinco de Mayo movies including titles such as Coco, Instructions Not Included, The Book of Life, Cantiflas, Like Water for Chocolate, and Selena. A lot of these Cinco de Mayo movies are available right now thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max. You can also check out this list of movies about the Mexican revolution which took place almost fifty years after Cinco de Mayo.

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