Cities With the Best Sports Fans

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The cities with the best sports fans are the locations across the United States that are packed full of loyal sports fans ready to support their teams win or lose. Not all of these cities are home to all four major sports with NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams but they appreciate the teams they have.

For cities that are home to perennially successful sports teams, being a sports fan is easy. Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles are just three places that can boast dozens of championships in football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Sports teams in those locations consistently perform well, making it really easy to draw great crowds and attract fans.

Other cities however are home to sports teams but those sports teams however are consistently bad. Despite being cities with the worst sports teams, the home squads still manage to sell-out games and retain loyal fans. Cleveland, Buffalo, and Oakland fall into that category as home to many of the worst sports teams around that still have strong fan bases.

So whether these American cities are home to Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup and NBA champions or just full of loyal sports fans who embrace their teams regardless of their records, each is home to the best sports fans in the country for one reason or another. Think your city has the best sports fans? Vote for your city, add it if it's not listed or leave us a comment telling us why it rules below!

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