Cities with the Best Sports Teams

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Consider the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB teams from each city

The cities with the best sports teams dominate all others in North America with successful and popular teams in the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. These basketball, hockey, football, baseball and college sports towns consistently compete among the elite, bring home titles and earn the jealousy of sports fans outside of these metro areas, which are also some of the coolest cities around.

Having dominated the 2000s, it's hard to argue that Boston, Massachusetts, is not the best sports city in the country. Between the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins, Beantown is the only city to earn professional sporting championships in all four major sports within a 10-year span starting with the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory in 2002 and concluding when the Boston Bruins took home the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Other cities might not have as many titles in a short amount of time, but their home teams are among the top all-time leaders in championships. Take New York City for example. The Yankees have 27 World Series titles but are only a fraction of the sports action in the Big Apple with no less than nine professional teams between the four major sports in the metro area.

But like how Boston and New York are bitter rivals in Major League Baseball, there are plenty of other sports cities that are hungry to become part of the elite. Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Denver, Chicago and Miami are just a handful of the cities right on the bubble with plenty of talented sports teams ready to dominate. Which sports city will rule in the next century? Stay tuned sports fans to find out.

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