Cities With The Worst Sports Fans

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The cities with the worst sports fans are those locations across the United States and Canada whose sports fans are just awful. They throw things at rival players, they trash talk opposing fans and some even boo Santa Claus. Unlike the cities with the best sports fans, these cities sports fans are beyond intolerable and flat out vile.

The worst fans in sports come in all types but most anyone, besides those living in this worst sports fan city, would agree that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is home to the most horrible fans around. See in Philly the word classy means cheering when opposing players are injured and intentionally vomiting on children. Sure not all Philadelphia sports fans are this disgusting but enough bad eggs ruin the whole city's reputation.

Then we have the cities whose sports fans are highly loyal and really passionate, but sometimes they take it a bit too far. For these awful sports fans, losing a game can turn violent, as demonstrated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and Los Angeles, California. Similarly, sometimes passionate sports fans are so passionate that they are to the point of nausea such as the insufferable fans of New York City and Boston, Massachusetts. To make matters worse, Boston and NYC are fierce rivals.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Debbie Downer fans are pretty bad too. Home to the worst sports teams, these cities have gone decades without a championship and the fans will remind you of that entirely too often. Cleveland, Ohio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Oakland, California, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, are only a handful of those kinds of dreadful cities.

Regardless if these cities are home to professional teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL or to colleges like Columbus, Ohio, or South Bend, Indiana, each brings their own level of awful when it comes to sports fans. Have a city whose sports fans grind your gears? Vote for that city or add it below!

What are the cities with the worst sports fans? That's up to you to decide!
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  • Philadelphia
    2,824 votes
    Pennsylvania, USA
    76ers (NBA), Phillies (MLB), Eagles (NFL), Flyers (NHL)
  • Boston
    1,991 votes
    Massachusetts, USA
    Patriots (NFL), Celtics (NBA), Bruins (NHL), Red Sox (MLB)
  • New York City
    1,789 votes
    New York, USA
    Knicks (NBA), Yankees (MLB), Jets (NFL), Rangers (MLB), Mets (MLB), Giants (NFL)
  • Los Angeles
    1,234 votes
    California, USA
    Lakers (NBA), Clippers, (NBA), Dodgers (MLB), Kings (NHL), Galaxy (MLS)
  • Oakland
    1,075 votes
    California, USA
    Raiders (NFL), Golden State Warriors (NBA), Athletics (MLB)
  • Dallas
    1,203 votes
    Texas, USA
    Cowboys (NFL), Mavericks (NBA), Stars (NHL), FC Dallas (MLS)