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Cities with the Worst Sports Teams

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List RulesConsider the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB teams from each city

The cities with the worst sports teams are those miserable big and small cities across the United States and Canada who just plain suck when it comes to sports. These metro areas have professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB but can't seem to find any success whatsoever. These cities with the worst sports teams simply fail at sports.

Two of the perennial losers are interestingly located in the same state, Ohio. Both Cleveland and Cincinnati are home to a handful of professional football, baseball and basketball teams but haven't seen a championship in more than two decades. Title town, like what sports fans call Boston, Massachusetts, one of the cities with the best sports teams, these midwestern cities are not.

But it isn't just in the midwest where we see shameful and overall disappointing professional sports teams. From as far west as San Diego and San Francisco to as far east as Buffalo and Philadelphia and even as far south as Miami, being really bad at sports is all too common in these unfortunate cities these days.

So whether these teams are stinking it up on the football field in the plains, like the Kansas City Chiefs or the St. Louis Rams, or home to teams that leave their fans disappointed with mediocrity year after year, like the Maple Leafs and the Blue Jays in Toronto, each of these cities are home to some of the worst sports teams of all time.