Police And Citizens Share The Best Ways To Get Out Of Tickets

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Traffic stops, the kidney stones of driving, typically arrive without warning and are much more painful if you fail to prepare for them. To spare yourself the cost and grief, maybe take down some of these tricks for how to get out of a ticket. Plenty of ways to avoid traffic tickets are already known by much of the general public, but this list delves into specific stories where people got out of getting traffic tickets. If you want a little bit of extra prep for your next officer encounter, rest assured, because a few police officers share their tips for avoiding traffic tickets. Tips to getting out of speeding tickets come from both sides of the team, citizens and officers, both of whom ultimately want the streets to be safer.

Typically, most people's tips to getting out of tickets involve honesty and manners, but not everyone is good at being, well, good. For all you antiheroes out there, there are also a few tricks people use to avoid traffic violations for the next time you get pulled over.

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    Dress For Success


    I had a friend who wore a "Support Your Local Law Enforcement" t-shirt every time he drove on the highway to/from college. Got a zillion warnings, zero tickets.

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    Cops Know Sh*t Happens

    From Redditor/u/Jesv:

    I'm not a cop but I was let off after going pretty fast down the highway. Since I had passed the last exit ramp my stomach was in knots. I had to go to the bathroom ASAP. A cop pulled me over and I was sweating; I told him that if I didn't make it to the restroom soon I was going to blow. I told him that he could follow me two miles to the rest area. He would wait outside the bathroom and then I would take any punishment he deemed necessary. He laughed, followed me to the exit with his lights and waited outside the family bathroom. I'm sure he heard the watery explosion, I came out and he said "I can see you weren't lying," as he did in fact hear me. Let me off with a warning and we went about our day.

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    It Helps To Have Fans

    From Redditor/u/bigfatartcat:

    We got let off once because our three boys who were sitting in the back seat went nuts when they saw the officer walk up to the window. Nuts, so excited to see a police officer in real life like he was a unicorn or celebrity.

    Boys: "Police opsifer! Police opficer!!! Look!! Pleeece maaaan! Hi! Hi! Hi! Pleessse opfizer! !!! Hiiiiii!!!"

    Officer: "License and registration."

    Boys: "It's a Pleeece main! A Pleeece opfizer! Hi! Hi! Hi!"

    Me: "Okay guys, shhh, that's enough." They completely ignore me keep on begging him to notice them.

    Guy looks behind us, kind of snickers for a second at our crazy brood, and I'm thinking how I wish they would stop. He leaves, comes back after about 30 seconds and tells us to slow down and watch out because the speed limit changed at the state boarder we just crossed. Then he turns and does this subtle kind of acknowledgment nod to our two-year-old, who is basically whisper-chanting "police man" under his breath this whole time, and they all explode in this cackling howl of appreciation.

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    A Little Laughter Goes A Long Way

    From ImJustSo:

    I've been ticketed once I think and I've been let go about twenty times. I always think of the funniest sh*t I can at the time.

    Example: Got pulled over and it was raining, the officer asked if I knew why he pulled me over. I said with the biggest grin, "Because you like walks in the rain and conversations with strangers? :)" and he said, "Oh God. Get the f*ck outta here."

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    Be Extra Cooperative

    From Redditor/u/ifeelyabrah:

    I didn't make up a story. I said something along the lines of "I know I went over the speed limit, It's my fault, I understand the risks of speeding, and I have no excuse. Just hand me my ticket, I'll pay whatever needs to be paid, and we can be on our way." He stopped writing, scratched his head, got back in his car, and just drove off. I like to think maybe he had a bad day dealing with other crazy drivers, and I happened to be the most cooperative one.

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    Arachnophobia Comes In Handy

    From Redditor/u/jessosaur:

    I get pulled over after weaving dangerously over two lanes (luckily bare at that time of day, but still on the outskirts of the city). I pull over, the cop asks what's up, and I show him the humongous f*cking spider that I had just killed with a Wal-Mart receipt. It had been crawling on my windshield, about five inches from my face since I'm short.

    He laughs, I leave. No ticket.