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9 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From 'City Slickers'

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First released in 1991, City Slickers has become a cherished classic. It perfectly captures the experience of men struggling with midlife crisis and doubting their own masculinity, and manages to be a hilarious comedy, a rousing adventure, and a touching drama all at the same time. It also has a quality of so many '80s and '90s movies: It seems to belong to a simpler, pre-internet, pre-smartphone world some little part of people aches to return to.

Shooting City Slickers was, according to its lead actors and director, a wonderful experience. Billy Crystal and his co-stars really got to do all the fun cowboy-ish stuff their characters do. Even so, like any movie shoot, it was not without its hitches, quirks, and surprises. 

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    Billy Crystal Wears A Mets Cap Because The Team Donated To Comic Relief

    Billy Crystal's character Mitch spends a lot of time in City Slickers wearing a New York Mets baseball cap. This is in spite of the fact that Crystal is a lifelong Yankees fan.

    Crystal chose the Mets cap because the Mets had recently helped Crystal's favorite charity, Comic Relief. The event is ancient history and the precise details of the Mets' assistance are hard to track down, but you can still buy the T-shirt on eBay.

    In one scene, the Mets cap is conspicuously absent - the "best day" scene where Mitch, Phil, and Ed reminisce about the best and worst days of their lives. Mitch's best day - based on an actual memory of Crystal's - involves his father taking him to his first Yankees game when he was a child. "I couldn't do a story about Yankee Stadium and wear that hat," Crystal said in the DVD commentary.