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List of Civil Engineering Companies

Updated June 26, 2018 474.8k views50 items

This list compiles the top civil engineering companies in the world, listing based on prominence and including corporate logos for your convenience. This list of major civil engineering companies includes the largest and most profitable civil engineering businesses, corporations, and agencies, all of which have had huge impacts on how modern cities and towns function.

If you're a civil engineer seeking the best civil engineering firms to work for, then you're sure to find promising leads among the biggest civil engineering companies. This list features the most famous civil engineering companies in the industry, including Balfour Beatty and Fluor Corporation, so if you're in municipal government and you need the most reliable businesses in the civil engineering industry, start with the firms on this list. From civil engineering design firms to bridge engineering firms, they're all represented here.

What are the biggest civil engineering companies in the world? What are the most successful civil engineering companies? Scroll down for all the civil engineering answers you need.