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One question we as a society seem adamant about answering is whether humans posses psychic powers. We desperately want to believe people can move stuff with their minds and communicate with the other side, but it's hard to find proven cases of real psychics or instances of telekinesis. This list gathers some of the most famous clairvoyance stories, as well as some of the more well-known examples of telekinesis. Do you believe in psychic phenomena? Check out the list to see if you're convinced, and vote up  the craziest story of psychic ability. 

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The Titanic Prediction

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Fourteen years before the Titanic made its fateful voyage, Morgan Robertson wrote a novella predicting its crash. The book was entitled Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, and it was published in 1898.

Robertson's predictions bore so many similarities to the actual crash it's not hard to believe some sort of psychic phenomena was at play. Robertson told the story of The Titan, a fictional boat (or was it?!), the largest in the world, completely unsinkable. It hit an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland, traveling at 25 knots, and sank. The Titanic was, of course, hailed as unsinkable, and went on to crash into an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland at 22.5 knots. A number of other similarities exist between the book and the Titanic, maybe suggesting that Robertson had some other-worldly gifts. 
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Clairvoyant or Guardian Angel?

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In 2006, a woman suffering from breast cancer was approached by a stranger, who told her he knew she had cancer, on the left breast, and that everything would be fine. When the woman's husband asked the man how he knew this, the man said he was her guardian angel. He then walked away, and the couple hasn't seen him since. The prediction came true.
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Edgar Cayce Predicted the Stock Market Crash and World War II

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Known as the Sleeping Prophet on account of his ability to put himself into a sleep-like trance and awaken with amazing predictions, Edward Cayce was one of the most famous psychics of the early 1900s. He predicted a great deal of things, including the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (in 1925), and World War II (in 1935, when, in all honesty, the writing was on the wall). People should probably have listened to him more. 
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Message from Beyond Helps Woman Find Closure

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As per her version of accounts, an unnamed woman in Pennsylvania had a tough time after the passing of her mother; she was unsure what to do with her mom's home. It was extremely close to her own home, so selling or renting it would cause the woman to lose privacy, but on the other hand, she didn't want it vacant, while paying to maintain it. One day, a bright light appeared in front of the woman, and she heard her mother's voice tell her to take everything she needed from the house, lock it up, and the problem would be solved on June 8th. The woman skeptically did as the voice told her,  and was shocked when, on June 8th, the house was struck by lightening and burned down. Problem solved, plus a fat check from the insurance company.