Weird History

The Many Affairs Of Clark Gable

Gone with the Wind ended when Rhett no longer "gave a damn" about Scarlett, but the story of Clark Gable's real-life romances followed a different path. Gable, who won the hearts of many moviegoers and Hollywood alike with his style of rugged yet sensitive charm, allegedly took as many lovers as he could, including a large number of his female co-stars. Gable was dubbed "King of Hollywood" as a result.

Born in 1901, William Clark Gable worked his way up from working-class Ohio, theater troupes in Oregon, and the New York stage to become Hollywood royalty. Gable reportedly slept with many stars; co-workers often hooked up in Hollywood's Golden Age. He married five times, though the love of his life was reportedly his third wife, Carole Lombard.

Although rumors and gossip spread about secret pregnancies or otherwise, Gable managed to remain scandal-free throughout his life. Perhaps the lack of internet accountability or the skill of "fixers" in 1930s Hollywood kept stories quiet, but the list of Gable's relationships off-screen proves he likely gave a damn about sex.