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12 'Classic' Anime You Can Safely Skip

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With thousands of anime available, even the most dedicated fans inevitably have to skip a few, which may include some highly recommended classics.

Not every classic is critical to understanding anime as a whole. In fact, there are many overrated anime that you can totally skip.

These series aren't necessarily bad; on the contrary, many of them are amazing. Still, if you're not instantly drawn to these anime, there's no reason to invest time in them, even if they are considered classics. If these acclaimed anime never grabbed you, that's perfectly okay.  


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    The Prince Of Tennis

    The Prince of Tennis is an earlier entry in the sport anime genre, which is why it's considered a classic. While the series has its selling points - like being one of the only anime to feature a character with a named disability - it's really, really long, clocking in at 178 episodes. 

    If you fall in love with the characters, by all means, watch the entire show. But if the storyline isn't grabbing you, there are plenty of other sports anime that feature tighter plots, lovable characters, and epic matches. 

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  • Pokémon
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    Even the most anime-illiterate know what Pokémon is. If the basic premise of this worldwide phenomenon has somehow escaped you, you should probably watch a couple of episodes to prove you've been sentient at some point between now and the early '90s. However, you absolutely do not have to watch the whole thing.

    It's charming, sure, but it's also hundreds of episodes long, mind-numbingly repetitive, and not a great use of your anime-viewing hours.

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  • Though Gundam isn't the first mecha series, it's one of the most noteworthy. Everything from Code Geass to Darling in the FranXX owes something to this massive, historic franchise. 

    Most of the Gundam series aren't connected and take place in different realms, so you can safely pick a series based on your interests.

    The only show you really need to be familiar with is Mobile Suit Gundam, the 1979 series that put most of the universe's rules in place. It has a 43-episode-long arc, which is asking a lot if you're not into '70s animation and filler subplots. 

    Luckily, there's a time-efficient solution. Instead of sitting through all of Mobile Suit Gundam, you can get the basic premise by watching a six-episode OVA, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. This high-rated adaptation won't provide exactly the same story, but you'll get updated animation and engaging introductions to the main protagonists and villains. 

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  • Out of all of the Digimon series, the only two that really achieved "classic" status are Adventure and Tamers. While Frontier, Data Squad, and the others have their merits, they're largely lost to the sands of time.

    Though Digimon Adventure 02 might be a classic, it's also non-required viewing. Digimon tri., a new series with superior animation and more mature storytelling, ignores a large chunk of what happens in 02, and creates confusing and irritating continuity errors.

    If you saw 02 as a kid, don't erase it from your memory - the nostalgia-factor is real and the series has a lot of fantastic moments. But if you're just getting into Digimon and don't want to bother figuring out how all the pieces fit together, you can pass on this sequel.

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