This Artist Turns Famous Cartoons Into Paintings And They Are Almost Better Than The Originals

Isabelle Staub is a Pennsylvania-based illustrator and her creations are downright breathtaking. Combining pop culture with some of the 'toon world's most iconic heroines and female characters, Staub turns already famous cartoons into hipper versions of themselves. Always thought Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls was gnarly cool? Ever wanted to see her in all of her full millennial glory? If so, you'll love the freelance artist's work. Interested to see how Kim Possible's teeny tiny waist would look in more realistic animation? Again, Staub's work will stem your curiosity.

Not only is Isabelle Staub a master at recreating Disney characters and other classic figures, she even creates insanely detailed works of her fans. The 2016 graduate received her BFA in Illustration at Moore College of Art & Design but she has been creating ever since she was a young girl. Take a peak at her work below; it'll probably make you hope that she starts her own animated series sometime very soon.