Classic Family Movies On HBO Max That Both Kids And Adults Love

When you're unsure of how to spend your evening with the kids, you can make some popcorn and snuggle up with one of these classic family movies on HBO Max. The streaming platform has done an excellent job of appealing to all kinds of demographics. You'll find more mature films and TV shows that are for adults' eyes only, but these movies are for when the kids are still up. 

You can introduce your kids to what cinema was like before they were even born. The all-time classic film The Wizard of Oz is available for streaming on HBO Max, so if your kids haven't seen it already, then it's a great way to show them what movies were like before CGI. Of course, there are plenty of classic animated films as well like the enchanting Spirited Away. 

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Photo: The Wizard of Oz / Loew's, Inc