Older Actors That Youngsters Don't Know Used To Be Bad Boys

Imagine a teenage Mark Wahlberg getting locked up for attacking two men for absolutely no reason. The Ted star is just one older actor that youngsters don’t know used to be a total bad boy.

What do young people think when they hear the name Richard Harris? Chances are that they don’t see him as the hard-drinking, controlled substance-using, cranky Brit who was notoriously difficult to work with. They probably only see the original Dumbledore, a beloved character from the world of Harry Potter. 

For older generations, these past Hollywood bad boys were known for their antihero/villainous film roles, or perhaps their womanizing ways, or maybe even for their penchant for partying.

At a later point in his career, Christopher Walken got tired of playing the psychopath. Warren Beatty went from being one of the biggest womanizers in Hollywood history to a bonafide family man. Do younger generations even know that Michael Caine was the go-to antihero of the 1970s?

Which other old-school Hollywood bad boys changed their ways?