Which Classic Hollywood Star Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

If you're curious which zodiac sign is most likely to become famous, you're in for some good news: all of them. The celebrity natal charts of these stars from classic Hollywood include a famous figure from every sign. 

Many people consult their horoscope to find out if they're compatible with their partner or if they'll get that job promotion, but some believe that astrology can also be used to tell as about our personalities. Each of the 12 Sun signs of the zodiac ostensibly has innate strengths, weaknesses, and other qualities that comprise who we are. By exploring the zodiac signs of historic figures or old Hollywood celebrities, we can see which star qualities we all possess.

Looking at old Hollywood zodiac signs can also suggest how each sign deals with stress, fame, and life in the spotlight. Considering the dearth of scandals in old Hollywood, many of these celebrities definitely had some problems that may have been either helped or hindered by their zodiac signs. Here's what the celestial stars have to say about the stars of Hollywood.