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Which Classic Hollywood Star Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

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If you're curious which zodiac sign is most likely to become famous, you're in for some good news: all of them. The celebrity natal charts of these stars from classic Hollywood include a famous figure from every sign. 

Many people consult their horoscope to find out if they're compatible with their partner or if they'll get that job promotion, but some believe that astrology can also be used to tell as about our personalities. Each of the 12 Sun signs of the zodiac ostensibly has innate strengths, weaknesses, and other qualities that comprise who we are. By exploring the zodiac signs of historic figures or old Hollywood celebrities, we can see which star qualities we all possess.

Looking at old Hollywood zodiac signs can also suggest how each sign deals with stress, fame, and life in the spotlight. Considering the dearth of scandals in old Hollywood, many of these celebrities definitely had some problems that may have been either helped or hindered by their zodiac signs. Here's what the celestial stars have to say about the stars of Hollywood.

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    Robert Mitchum's early life was as gritty as many of the characters he later portrayed. After dropping out of school, he traveled the country by hitching rides on boxcars, worked as a professional boxer, and served on a chain gang. Mitchum eventually went to Hollywood and started his acting career in westerns, later finding a place for himself in the film noir genre, a career move which propelled his bad-boy persona. Night of the Hunter and the original Cape Fear became two of his most memorable films due to the creepy villains he portrayed.

    Mitchum emitted a cool, rebellious vibe that made him a perfect Leo. Even when he wasn't acting like a tough cowboy or soldier, Mitchum carried himself with pride and panache, just like the powerful lion. He vocally opposed the Vietnam War and was arrested for possession of cannabis way back in 1948, proving he wasn't afraid of consequences. Mitchum's tough-guy charm was also enhanced by the influence of the Sun, which gave him a hot temper.

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  • Born August 23, 1912, Gene Kelly learned how to dance at a young age. He proved his affinity for hard work by paying for school with the money he earned teaching dance lessons. Kelly got his start on Broadway, moved to Hollywood, and sought to differentiate himself from the other big actor-dancer at the time, Fred Astaire; by adopting a more physical dance style and wearing everyday clothes, he did just that. After several successful musicals, Kelly made what is probably his best-known film, Singin' in the Rain.

    Virgos are known for their perfectionism, a quality Kelly possessed in spades. He was highly disciplined and expected his co-workers to work just as hard as he did – at one point, he even brought Debbie Reynolds to tears. Kelly was also able to use the Virgo quality of seeing details to his advantage. He was a pioneer in reducing a storyline into dance steps and camera movements.

    He was so passionate about dance that when musicals went out of style in the 1960s, Kelly employed the Virgo tenacity and loyalty to keep sharing his dance choreography via television.

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  • Born Margarita Carmen Cansino on October 17, 1918, Rita Hayworth changed herself almost completely to get into show business. After dancing professionally as a child, she was given a Hollywood studio contract. When Hayworth's career wasn't progressing, the studio and her husband talked her into downplaying her Latina heritage. In addition to changing her name, she dyed her hair auburn, underwent skin-lightening, and was given electric shocks on her forehead to raise her hairline. The transformation allowed her to become one of cinema's biggest sex symbols in the 1930s and '40s.

    As a Libra, Hayworth thrived off the attention, and her sociable inclinations meant she was happy to be in the spotlight. The glamorous lifestyle of the celebrity suited her persona, and the grace and charm she shared led others to find her even more attractive.

    Since Libra is ruled by Venus, Hayworth pretty appropriate became a well-known symbol of beauty; however, Libra is all about balance. and while looks fade, Hayworth's career did as well. Five failed marriages and continued alcohol abuse brought the high of her early career crashing down to a not-so-glamorous end.

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  • Grace Kelly was born November 12, 1929, and utilized her Scorpio beauty to work as a model while in acting school. Her classic charm made her a better fit for film than the stage, so she moved to Hollywood following her high school graduation. Kelly formed a friendship with director Alfred Hitchcock and starred in three of his films. In 1955, she was earning bigger paychecks than almost every other actress, but she decided to retire so she could marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Although she never returned to the screen, her life as a royal guaranteed her celebrity status for life.

    Perhaps it was her Scorpio nature that led to such a long working relationship with Hitchcock; wanting to dig deep and find hidden meanings are primary tenets of the director's films. Kelly's decision to completely change her life also demonstrates the Scorpio's comfort and willingness to transform themselves as many times as necessary. The fact that she never looked back aligns with Pluto's influence and its association with death and rebirth.

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