This Artist Reimagines Iconic Art With A Dark Twist

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As evidenced by M. Night Shyamalan, everyone loves a good twist, and twisted fan art makes for content everyone can get behind. Using classic images as the foundation for their art, French artist Pez reimagines classic images and figures in subtle yet slightly sinister ways. His twists on famous images typically draw the "twist" from the character or image itself. In doing so, Pez's classic image twists simultaneously highlight the icon or figure while also providing subversive hints at a darker side. Pez's own nerd versions of classic art give new personalities to visages like The Scream and the Mona Lisa, allowing their famous faces a chance to wear a different expression.

With subjects ranging from famous artwork to today's video games, twisted pictures by Pez feature characters from all realms of pop culture. Creepy Disney art appears alongside reinterpretations of classic paintings, meaning people of all interests will certainly find something of intrigue.