If Someone Tells You They've Seen One Of These Classic Movies, They're Probably Lying To You

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A few films routinely make it onto lists of the best movies of all time. While these films are unarguably well made, many of them are also tragically unwatchable. Because of this, many "cinematic masterpieces" have garnered devout followings of people who've never finished watching them. 

Every decade houses a few classic movies people lie about seeing, and many of these films are supposedly highly influential. However, it's totally possible to enjoy the products of a three-hour snoozefest's influence without devoting one-eighth of your day to slogging through the source material. 

It's time for cinema buffs to recognize that it’s okay to have not seen all of the most important movies of the last 100 years. Everyone lies about having seen some movies, and that's totally fine. The same can be said about booksvideo games, and pretty much all other respected art forms. Many of these movies have managed to stay in the public's memory thanks to prolific parodies and particularly memorable lines. If somebody at a party says they'll make you an offer you can't refuse, that doesn't necessarily mean they've sat through The Godfather. 

Photo: Metropolis / Kino International