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20 Classic Nude Scenes In '80s Teen Movie History

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If there's anything that the '80s gave us, it was gratuitous nudity in just about every single teen comedy that came out. In honor of that tradition, here are the best '80s teen comedy scenes where your favorite stars got naked, ranked by you for hotness. You will also find some old shower scenes here. 

I described the movies, the context of the scenes, and then linked you out to the scenes when possible (although you can totally just Google all of them). From Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, to lesser-known gems like Hardbodies and Malibu Express, to even scenes from actually-good movies like Sixteen Candles, these are the greatest scenes where characters shed their clothes in '80s teen comedy history. 

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    Blame It On Rio

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    The Movie
    Blame It On Rio is about two really horrible guys who bring their insanely hot daughters (a young Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson) on a vacation to Rio de Janeiro with them. After they catch their daughters playing without clothes on in the ocean, one dad gets super mad and the other plays with them, ends up banging his friend's daughter –which is okay, because it turns out his friend was banging his wife the whole time. Demi Moore kind of stays out of the whole thing. The hot girl (Michelle Johnson) tries to end her own life by taking too much birth control pills (which you can't even do) and everyone lives happily ever after.

    The Scene
    A young Michelle Johnson and a 22-year-old Demi Moore play on a beach without tops and are then caught by their dads, but refuse to put their clothes back on. Whoever wrote this has some weird, awesome problems.

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    The Movie
    Porky's is about a group of guys in the '50s who want to lose their virginities in a time in which guys not only admitted that they were virgins, but tried to fix that problem "together."

    There's a place called Porky's, though, where a lot of the hot girls hang out and where a lot of the main characters are terrorized by the mean, fat, pig-looking owner named, you guessed it, Porky. As these guys awkwardly try and come up with plans to "get laid", you get a pretty heavy smattering of classic, unnecessary, gratuitous '80s skin in between seemingly interminable expository scenes. So, of course, you rewind the tape until your parents know exactly what you're doing. There's no reason someone should be rewinding and playing a tape that often and that quickly unless they're trying to solve the mystery of the Kennedy assassination.

    The Scene
    The infamous Porky's shower scene features a bunch of guys finding a hole that leads to the girls' locker room, and kind of how you hope for every time there's a hole in a wall of any bathroom, there were actually attractive people on the other end.

    Fun times ensue and a lot of teenagers and kids even younger than that in the '80s saw their first entire human body and/or group of women showering together. Many more would follow for all of us.

    The notable part of this scene is that it was the first gratuitous scene most people had seen in a really popular comedy (which, as a film, dragged on for way too long wasn't even very funny). The whole thing was really just an excuse for showing naked girls and for a bunch of weird dads to take their sons to see a movie clearly intended for adults. This movie is at all memorable mostly because of that weirdly rapey scene and also because of another scene starring a young Kim Cattrall, who only gets hotter as she gets older.

    This movie was largely an adult comedy masked in "fun," which was an awesome discovery for anyone who saw it and had the patience to deal with its pace. It's kind of like when you pour alcohol inside a juice box or a Vitamin water and bring it into your kids' plays or Disneyland.

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    The Movie:
    I could not have watched this movie more as a kid. And if I had managed that, I'm sure my parents would have sent me to some kind of psychiatrist (which, in retrospect, would have been a good decision, which means that yes, all kids should watch this movie at least 50 times).

    The movie is about a pre-Scientology Tom Cruise as a teenager who tries to have some fun while his parents are away. Everything is prim and proper and perfect in his home, but as soon as they leave, you get that infamous scene of him dancing indoors pretending to be a rock star, which to some kids, will resonate more if I say "like that Heidi Klum Guitar Hero (RIP) commercial where she dances in her underwear in a living room.

    The Scene(s)
    He proceeds to meet this vaguely Russian woman, played by an at-the-time-still-relevant Rebecca De Mornay, who treats him like crap, but does the deed with him throughout the entire movie. She's the one you see naked all over the place the entire time. They make it seem so cool that it kinda makes you want a dangerous, unstable, emotionally unavailable blonde woman of your very own. Wait what? Oh my god. This explains a lot. (This explains a lot.) But life-changing revelations aside, the scenes are pretty awesome. Repeatedly. All the time. The train scene is particularly something that was etched into my brain as a wee lad, because I couldn't believe how poorly maintained the lights were on that thing. It was very irresponsible. 

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    The Movie
    A Tom Hanks movie where a bunch of rowdy '80s dudes throw their best friend a bachelor party. It seriously is one of the top 10 movie parties I wish I could have been to.

    The Scene
    Tom Hanks tries to get away from all the rowdy dudes when Monique Gabrielle comes out from behind curtains wearing nothing. And as she looks at him, her head turns into his girlfriend, a nun from school, and eventually, his buddies. It's actually pretty funny. And hey, people aren't wearing clothes the whole time. 

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