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16 Pictures Of Students Who Take Classroom Mischief To A Whole New Level

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There's nothing like a group of funny students to brighten up the most dull of high school days. Class clowns only need one inspired prank to break up a monotonous lecture and in this day and age, their pranks can even take the internet by storm. Some of the stunts might only involve one daring student but the more creative pranksters involve multiple classmates to achieve a maximum level of mayhem.

These class clowns are a little more hardcore than the average in-class Snapchatter or rebel textbook-doodler; their pranks took a significant amount of work and planning. So appreciate the class clown pictures below; these students are most likely seeking positive affirmations..  

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    Sell Your School On Craigslist, Make A Quick Buck

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    School And Slide

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    These Taggers Were Sure Ballsy

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    These Seniors Got Played Out

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