Classy Star Wars Merch That Won't Make You Look Like An Overgrown Child

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Yes, of course, children love Star Wars. There are exciting fight scenes, brave heroes, complex Star Wars villains, and an endless supply of Jedi jokes and witticisms. Not to mention, there are magical sticks that light up and make cool noises when used to whack an enemy upon the head (the more sophisticated among us might call those sticks lightsabers).

For all those reasons, and because the spacial galaxy that houses our favorite Resistance Knights slightly resembles the actual landscape of World War II, adults love the Star Wars saga, too. A child's appreciation for Yoda and his funny way of speaking becomes more nuanced as time passes. Indeed, as their ages increase, many Star Wars fanatics no longer want tacky, outrageous merchandise that proclaim their love. They're looking for classy, refined pieces that say, "Yes, I know how to kick Stormtrooper butt and I also know how to manage my taxes."

This list has assembled a plethora of merchandise just like that. You want high-class Star Wars paraphernalia that won't make you look like an overgrown kid? Then you're in the right place; get ready to unsheathe your wallet.