Graveyard Shift
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Custodians And Janitors Recount The Grodiest Gunk They've Scraped From Walls, Toilets, And Floors

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Custodians and janitors, the world's unsung heroes, never fully get recognized for the gunky gauntlet the rest of the world sends them through every day. Even if you consider yourself a horror story junkie, custodians' terrifying tales will strike a primal fear into you. When you think about it, janitorial nightmares happen daily, committed by people just like you. That's what makes these terrifying recounts so frightening. You know that your coworker, your significant other, or the person next to you on the bus could be capable of dropping a deuce on the bathroom floor and just leaving it there to become as callous as their disregard for janitorial staff. Despite what you might think, your room rate does not, in fact, give you free reign to trash your hotel room

Though to be fair, many emergency room cleanups occur not because of human apathy but because of genuine sickness, so those infringers get a little leeway. In the end, however, most of the janitor-observed nightmares below happened due to outlandishly libertine lifestyles, ones even the Marquis de Sade would likely take issue with.

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    A Family That Pees Together

    From a deleted user

    "I work at a clothing store and people are disgusting.

    "A woman and her two daughters went in a change room, left in a hurry. My coworker goes in after them to make sure there's nothing in there, and the three of them had peed in a plastic grocery bag - it was almost entirely full- and hung it on one of the door hinges."

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    Something's Fishy

    From superhareball:

    "I used to empty the garbage bins on the highway stops. I would drive all day, just to empty 10 bins or so, only needing to do the run twice a week.

    "Over the weekend, the bins didn't get emptied for five days, and some clever assh*le filled a bin with fish. This was in the middle of summer. The stench was unimaginable. I've usually got a pretty strong stomach, but that's the first time I've vomited from smell alone. The maggots writhing around in the fish slush didn't help either.

    "What was already a horrific sight, was made worse by the fact that the plastic bags we line the bins with (they are just steel cans) had failed from the weight of the fish, so everything was kinda just swilling around in the cans with millions of flies going nuts.

    "In the end I had to do my job and bag up that gigantic pile of rotten fish flesh, bit by bit.

    "Worst day as a garbage man."

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    Fresh Out (From Underneath) The Oven

    From Korrin85:

    "Custodian here. One of the students at the dorms decided instead of disposing used tampons in the trash or napkin holders like a normal person would do, she instead threw the used tampons under the oven for an entire year. Just imagine, many bloody tampons just sitting under the oven, getting heated over and over again..."


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    What A Delivery

    From Lumi61210:

    "I used to clean vacation rentals. My first house was slated to take my partner and I about three-and-a-half hours to clean.

    "We show up on the scheduled day and what can only be described as a crackhead comes out of the house with her fly undone and all twitchy says 'I'm gonna need a late check out, it's okay, I've been here awhile.' This is not okay, so we call head office, who says to come back later.

    "We come back and there is a pitbull puppy in the house. Not supposed to be any pets on property. We decide to come back later. The next day we come back and there is blood, sh*t, bent and burnt spoons, a pipe, rancid bacon grease, all kinds of rotten ish, and condoms in the sink. Oh god, the horror. There is a half-used enema in a bathroom drawer. All the hand towels are in the trash and ALL of them reek of sh*t. The batteries to all the remotes are missing. About half the light bulbs are unscrewed.

    "Then we find it: a journal with swastikas doodled on the cover. Upon further research, turns out the crackhead was in town to have a baby that was being adopted by a couple. This was not the first time. The couple put her up in this nice house for her stay, and as a token of her appreciation, she f*cked everything up beyond all belief. 17 hours later we finally get to leave as the professional carpet cleaners came in."

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