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Reasons Why Clegane Bowl Will Definitely Happen

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What does Tommen’s decree outlawing trial by combat mean? Is our beloved Cleganebowl cancelled? Surely not! These two brothers are destined to fight, no matter what that fun-killing  High Sparrow and Tommen say… get hype! We’re going to blindly call for Cleganebowl.

The venue may change from the Red Keep in an official capacity, but it’s got to happen, right? No one was completely convinced that the Hound was dead, but it wasn’t clear where he was. Book readers heavily suspected the gravedigger at the septary on the Quiet Isle was none other than Sandor Clegane. Season six’s “The Broken Man” simply opened with a shot of the former Hound carrying a huge log by himself. Mystery solved. Then the internet erupted. Sandor Clegane is alive, everyone in his traveling Faith tribe was killed, and it’s only a few hundred thousand steps to King’s Landing where his zombie big brother Gregor Clegane is.

Why do the Hound and the Mountain need to fight? Gregor burned Sandor’s face nearly off as a child when Sandor played with Gregor’s toy. Gregor grew up to be a sadistic child-killing rapist who became a knight, which Sandor found disgusting. Sandor has honor in his own brutal way. Gregor is just a bereft killing machine, reanimated to do Cersei’s bidding. Fans have been waiting a long time to see these two huge men go at it until the death. And it looks pretty certain that Cleganebowl is going to happen. Hopefully soon. At this point, we'll even settle for season seven.

Cersei’s trial with the Faith of the Seven no longer allows for trial by combat because the Mountain popped the head off of one of the Sparrows like a beer. She’ll probably choose wildfire as her champion just as King Aerys II did with Rickard Stark. That’s what she was whispering to Maester Qyburn about.

So is there still room for Cleganebowl? Will Sandor and Gregor fight amongst the wildire flames as King’s Landing burns? Or will they meet for the battle behind the Sept of Baelor between Sparrow smoke breaks?

IF Cleganebowl manages to happen, who will win. Are you rooting for the man formerly known as the Hound? Or are you putting your golden Gold Honors on the man who is the size of a medium size Drogon? Don’t care, just want to see the Hound and the Mountain fight? It would be cruel to bring Sandor Clegane back and have him just run all over the place hacking Red Religion followers to death and pulling out their man parts. Okay, that is pretty satisfying to watch, but, come on! Cleganebowl must happen!
  • What is Sandor Clegane's Purpose?

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    Book readers knew this one. The hound was probably a limping, silent gravedigger at a sept on the Quiet Isle. In the show, he’s a wood-chopping member of a nomadic, happy-go-lucky, free-love self-improvement tribe.  

    Even though Brienne beat the living crap out of Sandor and pushed him off a cliff, he’s too tough to die. When former bad guy-turned septon Brother Ray happened along and was about to bury him, the Hound coughed, and wasn't dead after all. Ray nursed him back to health, and gave him a spot on his squad.

    Then Ray left himself opened to being murdered by Lemoncloak and two other members of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Sandor is set right back on the path of revenge which leads him directly to Beric Dondarrion and Thoros. What do the fates have in store for the man formerly known as the Hound?
  • The Hound’s Next Move... Killing Those R'hllor Dudes

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    The show version didn’t go down exactly like the chapter in Feast of Crows, but that’s fine. This version has the Hound being nursed back to health by a traveling septon, too, only this time around, the septon and his flock are murdered by followers of the Red God shortly after Sandor warned Brother Ray that they were dangerous.

    The look on his face when he sees Brother Ray hanging from the sept they were building says it all. Eff peace. Hate forever. The first thing we think the Hound is going to do with that axe—and the hidden steel Ray probably has—is go find those three R’hllor-loving punks. Ooh, he’s going to kiiiill you guys.

    UPDATE: BYEEEE, Lemoncloak and pals.
  • Will Sandor Become a Member of the Brotherhood Without Banners?

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    As he chases Lemoncloak and the other members of the Brotherhood into the woods and hacks and rips them to pieces, Sandor comes upon Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr. They are hanging their fellow brothers because murdering Brother Ray and his group was definitely not cool with them and their beliefs in R'hllor.

    The Hound killed Beric before and Thoros raised Dondarrion from the dead. Now, they’re looking to recruit the Hound. Will he join up with these guys? Is the Hound destined for greater things than Cleganebowl?
  • The Hound May Not Take a Direct Path to Gregor’s Door

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    As much as we are kind of running out of time, he might search for Arya. To what purpose? Catch up, tell some stories, connect with an old friend who wanted to kill him, and maybe even make some kind of amends.

    As Arya has declared herself herself again, their paths may converge naturally.