Weird History Ten Cent Beer Night At A Baseball Game Sounded Like A Good Idea, Until All Hell Broke Loose  

Mick Jacobs

Sporting events and beer go together like bread and butter or Disney and Pixar; when coordinated correctly, one enhances the other. But as the video below shows, a surplus of one factor - in this case, beer - can effectively ruin the other.

Anyone familiar with a particularly wild tailgate can attest to the issues excess alcohol brings to sporting events: rambunctious fans, impaired drivers, lots of vomit, etc. One especially alcohol-fueled event, 10-cent beer night at Cleveland Stadium in 1974, added another less-than-desirable factor: rioting.

To give you a little background on the event, Cleveland Stadium decided to make beers only 10 cents for the evening and placed no limits on the number of drinks a customer could purchase. With a single dollar, you got yourself more drinks than the number of innings, which should have tipped off organizers from the start.

What initially looked like a fantastic deal ended up devolving into a disaster, albeit one that was easy to spot from a mile away. Watch the video below to learn why 10-cent beer night was a one-night promotion only.