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If The Beatles weren’t busy revolutionizing the music scene in the '60s and '70s, they could have had an impressive run on the comedy circuit. The Fab Four had very different senses of humor - compare John Lennon's acerbic wit to George Harrison's sardonic commentary. That's not to mention Paul McCartney's often epic burns, or the clowning antics of Ringo Starr. These personalities came together beautifully as a cohesive unit.

"The Beatles were kind of the dream of how you might be with your friends as you went through life," Richard Curtis said in documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week. The group's classic British humor that was frequently deployed. In fact, it was almost impossible for the Fab Four to sit through an interview without cracking themselves up. Viewers had the privilege of a glimpse of The Beatles' private lives by watching these famous friends riffing on their own inside jokes. But don't expect to find John Lennon's famous quote that Ringo "wasn't the best drummer in the Beatles" here - as Beatles biographer Mark Lewisohn explains, Lennon never said it.

The Beatles were some cheeky monkeys. Besides their music, Fab Four one-liners were probably what they were best known for. These are just a few funny Beatles moments and witty comebacks to enjoy. So Come Together and have a good laugh at The Beatles’ hilarious retorts to silly interview questions.

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Ringo Starr, Non-Smoker

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Starr may not have been as outspoken as his bandmates, but he had a really cheeky sense of humor. During a 1964 interview in Texas, the Fab Four seemed to love playing into the whole Texan aesthetic. McCartney even had a big cowboy hat on and tried his hand at a Texan accent. Then a reporter asked Starr if he had any political affiliations. Starr replied, "I don’t even smoke." He then proceeded to take a big drag of his cigarette.

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They're Only In It For The Money

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When The Fab Four were asked what their favorite thing was about their rock star status during a 1965 interview, they had a unanimous answer.

"You’ve got fame and fortune," said the interviewer. "If this were all to disappear overnight, and you were left with one thing you’d like to hang on to, what would that be?"

"The money," they all said at the same time.

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Songs About Prostitutes And Lesbians

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The Beatles didn't shy away from joking about subjects that were considered controversial during the '60s. During a Los Angeles press conference in 1966, a reporter directed a question to McCartney and Lennon about two of their recent songs. The reporter referred to a Time Magazine article that claimed that "Day Tripper" was about a prostitute and "Norwegian Wood" was about a lesbian. When he asked McCartney what he thought about the criticism, he replied, "We were just trying to write songs about prostitutes and lesbians."

Later in the interview, a reporter asked what the inspiration for "Eleanor Rigby" was, and Lennon responded, "two queers."

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Harrison Says Yes To Success

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Harrison was pretty good at keeping a straight face while cracking wise. During the "interviews" in A Hard Day’s Night, a reporter asked Harrison, "Has success changed your life?" To which Harrison succinctly replied, "Yes."