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Inventions You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

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When you look around at all the cool gadgets we sometimes take for granted, it’s sometimes hard to believe how far the human race has come since the invention of the basics like fire and the wheel. These days it seems like we live in an age where just about anything is possible, from traveling to the moon to the ability to use our phones to access centuries' worth of knowledge, not to mention a constant supply of hilarious cat photos. That’s why you need this list of the coolest, most clever inventions you haven’t heard of yet.

Here you’ll find everything from really good product ideas to insanely expensive superhero gadgets that look like something out of a Marvel Comics movie. After all, why live in the age of space travel if you don’t own a motorized fork that can twirl your spaghetti at the push of a button? Why struggle to look classy as your heels slowly sink into that soft patch of grass, when someone out there came up with a simple invention that can make sure it never happens to you again?

So scroll down and get a load of these clever invention ideas, smart products, and really cool toys of future! You’ll get a glimpse of some of the most cutting-edge technology out there as you enjoy the latest inventions the world’s got to offer.

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    This Disappearing Electrical Outlet

    Photo: Legrand
    Available at Legrand
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    This Super Strong Smart Phone Screen

    Available at RhinoShield

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    This Hidden Driveway Garage

    Video: YouTube

    Available at CarDok

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    This Stealthy Water Bottle

    Photo: Amazon
    Available at Amazon
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