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Genius Foreshadowing Fans Noticed In Popular Sitcoms

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Sitcoms don't get enough credit for delivering complex moments that viewers don't see coming. More so than that, there are hints and foreshadowing that precede these moments long before they ever come to fruition. Some fans have spotted these nods toward future events, which place the scenes in greater context.  Here are the best foreshadowed moments fans noticed in classic sitcoms

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    That Robin Would First Marry Barney Then Move On To Ted In 'How I Met Your Mother'

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor u/vJ3801:

    Ah! Yes the foreshadowing. Laughed about it, didn't even think for once that it would be the ending. Btw Barney is Legen-wait for it- dary, because he exactly did what he said (lol).

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    The Twist Ending Of 'How I Met Your Mother' Is Alluded To In Season 5

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor u/nambnuts: 


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    Dwight's Fake Excuse References A Season Earlier In 'The Office'

    Photo: NBC

    From Redditor u/MasturMonk: 

    On a second watch of The Office, I noticed a line in S02, E06 foreshadows a scene in S03, E03 when Dwight uses the dentist as an alibi.

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    Monica And Chandler's Inability To Have Children Hinted At Their Wedding In 'Friends'

    Photo: NBC

    From Redditor u/AnaWithTheCats:

    Ah. That foreshadowing.

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