The Worst Clickbait Headlines That You Just Won't Believe

Is there a worse scourge of the Internet than clickbait and clickbait headlines? What is clickbait? It's the all powerful headline that knows how to grab you at your most malleable and force you down a wormhole of reading about things you "won't believe" or that will "blow your mind." Need some clickbait headline examples? That's weird. Why would you want that. In any case, there are lots of them here to roll your eyes out for hours. You really won't believe how terrible they are!

For a hot minute, it was believed that only your mom was susceptible to falling prey to the powers of clickbait, but then clickbait evolved; it became stronger. Now everywhere you look there's a clickbait ad hiding around the corner, waiting to tell you about "this one secret" that will help you grow a thicker beard or build up your savings account. No one is safe from the dangers of clickbait and that's why we've put together this list of the worst clickbait headlines from around the web. 

There's nothing funnier than seeing a blog or even a popular website stoop so low as to offer to show you "one genius trick" for whatever it is they're shilling that day. If you're reading this you've definitely fallen prey to a couple of clickbait headlines in your life span as an Internet user, and we feel your pain. To commiserate, we decided to put together a list of the worst clickbait headlines online. Most of them are funny, and they're all SUPER ANNOYING.

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    Hope It Isn't A Parking Lot Or A Pit Of Snakes!

    SPOILER! It's a swimming pool.
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    Was It An Alien Or Something?! Can't Wait To Find Out!

    SPOILER! She was pregnant.
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    Whoa! I Can't Imagine What It Might Be!

    Whoa! I Can't Imagine What It Might Be!
    Photo: Upworthy
    SPOILER! Fast food workers don't make very much money.
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    What Could Possibly Even Happen, My Goodness?!

    SPOILER! These ducks politely sip from the pool.