Unbelievably Macho Stories About Clint Eastwood

As Dirty Harry, The Man With No Name, and an angry old grump who wants people off his lawn, Clint Eastwood has evoked a grizzled macho-ism on screen for decades. His many memorable roles and time spent behind the camera as a director placed Eastwood solidly into the history books of Hollywood. While manly men have emerged from movies, Eastwood has something macho stars like Burt Reynolds, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or even John Wayne couldn't match. He's extremely stubborn about doing things his own way, and because he's created such a legacy for himself, he can get away with it. In the audience's mind, Eastwood will always be a tough guy. Interestingly enough, he's had enough macho experiences off-screen to make his screen persona legit.

Eastwood came up through Hollywood slowly, earning his first role in Revenge of the Creature before finally finding his big break with the 1959 television series, Rawhide. In 1964, he accepted a role in Sergio Leone's Italian western A Fistful of Dollars, and its international success made him a star. In the 1970s, Eastwood began turning his attention to directing, and eventually found even more success and critical acclaim behind the camera. While Eastwood's macho-ism has morphed as he aged, he will always be one of Hollywood's most famous manly men, with his characteristic squint and gravelly voice inspiring fans for years to come. What's behind the man audiences see on screen, however, is just as macho.