All Of Clint Howard's Cameos in Ron Howard Films

If you were to check out the Ron Howard filmography, a brief tour of his IMDB page will reveal a common theme. The director's brother has cameos - a lot of cameos. While the character actor Clint Howard has not been in every one of his big brother’s directed movies, he has appeared in a considerable amount. Here, you'll find all of the times Clint Howard was in Ron Howard films.

The Howard brothers are clearly not afraid of accusations of nepotism. The Academy Award winning director gave his little brother a cameo in 17 of his films (plus one starring role in the little known 1978 made-for-TV film Cotton Candy, excluded from this list as it's cameo only!). Clint usually takes on a bit part with only a few lines. Nevertheless, his appearances are memorable, and something Ron Howard fans look forward to. From recent roles like his one in Solo: A Star Wars Story from his days appearing in his brother's earliest filmsyou'll find all of Clint's cameos in Ron's films below!