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18 Simple Wardrobe Tweaks That Take 10 Pounds Off

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A collection of proven, insider secrets about how to look thinner without dieting or hitting the gym. You can actually dress to look skinny just by making a few simple adjustments to your wardrobe. When you dress to look your best you will also look younger. Whether it is fair or not, your physical appearance is the first thing that people judge you on and you always want to look your best. Trying to lose weight fast can often backfire and with busy schedules, losing weight is often put off for another time. While there are some solid techniques and diet books that actually work, sometimes you want to look 10 pounds thinner right away.

Fortunately, there are simple wardrobe tweaks that you can use immediately to look thinner in your clothes. Vertical lines, tailored jackets and dark jeans are just some of the well-known tricks celebrities use to look thin. This list of slimming secrets include those as well as lesser-known tricks that can make anyone look 10 pounds lighter. Anyone can learn how to dress to look thinner by following simple rules of proportion, lines, color, and cuts.

In general, clothes that fit well will always make you look slimmer and more well put together. If you have recently gained a few pounds, never try to squeeze in clothing that is too small for you. Keep a pair of "fat-jeans" that are a slightly larger size for you to wear when you are larger than normal.

If you are wondering how to look skinny, read up on the slimming wardrobe tricks below.

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    Scoop Neck Tops

    Few women know this, but their collarbones can be a secret weapon. Many men reportedly think that a woman's collarbone is one of the sexiest parts of her body. Exposing skin in your upper chest area will draw attention to your neck and face and away from problem areas on your body.

    An exposed neck will always make your look smaller, so this trick will work with V-necks too. 

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    High-Waisted Pencil Skirts

    High-waisted pencil skirts offer clean lines and a cinched waist. Choose skirts that come up to your natural waist, where you are your most narrow--they will hide wide hips. Skirts that are a solid dark color or dark with vertical pin stripes are the most slimming.

    Pencil skirts look best when they skim the top of your knees or hit 1 or 2 inches above them, where your thighs are the most thin.

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    Yes, accessories can actually help. To call attention to your face, wear large costume-style necklaces, earrings, sparkly headbands and bows. 
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    What is the best way to suck in a less-than-flat tummy? Your grandmother may have been right about this one: shapewear. Invest in a high-waisted, bike short-style body shaper to take care of three popular problem areas: your waist, hips, and thighs. Thanks to companies like Spanx, shapewear has evolved from an old fashioned special-occasion-only item to a totally doable everyday secret weapon that is so comfortable you may forget you are wearing it.

    Note: If you do happen to catch someone's fancy with your new smoothed and cinched bod, just dont actually forget you are wearing it before you take them home with you.
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