All The 'Cloverfield' Easter Eggs You Definitely Missed

Half the fun of watching Cloververse films lies in searching for Cloverfield Easter eggs you missed. The JJ Abrams-produced series is meticulously crafted using the auteur's infamous filmmaking technique, the “Mystery Box.”

As the theory goes, by hiding an important mystery in a series, fans will rabidly speculate and spawn countless Abrams fan theories attempting to figure out what exactly is in the “box.” For The Force Awakens, the mystery was about Rey’s parents. But in the Cloververse, the question is really, “What in the world is the Cloverfield monster?” And even more than that, how do all these disparate films tie together?

Well, the first step to uncovering the mystery behind the films is identifying the Easter eggs and connections that tie each story together. Maybe by taking a closer look, we can start to unravel what's happening.

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  • The Very First Poster Hinted At The Monster’s Appearance

    Perhaps the biggest question stemming from the first Cloverfield’s marketing was simply, “What does the monster look like?” Trailers refused to show so much as a glimpse of the full creature, and the film doesn’t reveal the monster until the last few seconds.

    That may seem like a long time for a monster movie to hide its crazy creature, but as it turns out, the creators revealed it right from the start. The very first poster for Cloverfield included a weird shape in the smoke pouring from a damaged New York City. By duplicating and flipping the image, it becomes clear that the smoke is actually in the form of the final monster.

  • A Whisper During The ‘Cloverfield’ End Credits Hints The Story Isn’t Over

    Thanks to Marvel films, audiences are trained to expect additional footage during end credit sequences. But back when Cloverfield released in 2008, that wasn’t necessarily the case. For fans willing to stick around and learn who the gaffer and makeup artists were, though, there was a small bit of audio that clued remaining audiences into the future of the story. Right before the movie ends, a man whispers, “It’s still alive.”

    Clearly, this sets up future films in the Cloverfield franchise.

  • The Monster Was Awakened By A Company Called Tagruato

    Each Cloverfield film’s release was preceded by several clues hidden on the internet for enthusiastic nerds to track down and interpret. Fans scoured fake websites and cracked codes to learn important background information about each movie: When it takes place, what it's about, and where can we buy tickets right freaking now?

    One of the most important things revealed is that a fictional company called Tagruato may be responsible for awakening the first Cloverfield monster thanks to its shady underwater mining practices.

  • Slusho! - A Tagruato Product - Appears In Most Bad Robot Productions

    Slusho! - A Tagruato Product - Appears In Most Bad Robot Productions
    Photo: Netflix

    Slusho! is basically a delicious, radioactive slushie. The fictional product has appeared in numerous Bad Robot productions (JJ Abram’s company), beginning with Alias. The brand also appears in all three Cloverfield films, and the company is owned in-universe by Tagruato.

    The drink is made from something called Seabed’s Nectar, which can only be found in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean - exactly where the Cloverfield monster resides.

  • A Crashing Satellite In ‘Cloverfield’ Ties Into ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’

    A Crashing Satellite In ‘Cloverfield’ Ties Into ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’
    Photo: Netflix

    At the end of the first Cloverfield, what appears to be a satellite crashes off the coast of Coney Island, NY. This scene in question is actually a part of the flashback footage featured throughout the film. 

    In The Cloverfield Paradox, meanwhile, Ava’s escape pod is said to crash somewhere off the coast of Delaware, which isn’t too far from Coney Island - especially if the escape pod was careening haphazardly through the air.

    Could that crash from the first film be Ava’s escape pod?

  • The News Reporter From ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Gets Infected In ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’

    One of the most memorable scenes in 10 Cloverfield Lane comes when Michelle attempts to escape the bunker, only to be confronted by a woman who’s infected with something. The woman begs to get inside the shelter, but Michelle refuses, deciding to stay inside with Howard.

    But that’s not the last time we see the woman. She also makes a brief cameo in The Cloverfield Paradox as a reporter on a news station. It’s unclear how she gets from there to rural New Orleans, but it’s absolutely the same actor.