Small But Clever Details From 'Clue' That Enhance Even Our 100th Viewing

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There are thousands of mystery movies out there, but Clue stands apart from the rest. Clue is arguably one of the greatest mystery films of all time, and that's in large part due to the fact that it's a comedy with multiple endings. When the movie was first released in 1985, different theaters were given one of the three possible endings, so folks watching it in one movie theater could see a completely different film than someone across town.

This helped Clue achieve cult classic status, and it's remained a popular comedy for decades. There's a good chance you've sat down and watched it several times already, but have you noticed how each time you see it, you notice something new? It's because of that aspect of Clue — those small but clever details — that keep viewers coming back, time and time again. 

Occasionally, whenever someone spots one of these details, they'll head over to the Movie Details subreddit to share their findings. This list features the best of those examples from one of the '80s most underrated cult classics.

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    The Board Game's Rules Explain Why Characters Have Trouble Passing One Another In Hallways

    From Redditor u/DavePDubya:

    In the film Clue (1985), any time the characters move through a hall or doorway they constantly squeeze against each other and trip over. This is because player pieces cannot move past other pieces in the board game.

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    Each Character's Car Is The Color Of Their Name

    From Redditor u/bootymix96:

    In Clue (1985), each character's car is the same color as their name and game piece in the board game.

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    Professor Plum's Comment About The Police Arriving In 15 Minutes Pays Off 15 Minutes Later

    From Redditor u/CivilizedPsycho:

    In Clue (1985), approx. 1hr 3min into the film, Prof. Plum (Christopher Lloyd) says there are only 15 minutes until the police come. Fifteen real minutes later, at approx. 1hr 18min, the doorbell rings and it's a solicitor (Howard Hesseman). Shortly thereafter, he is revealed to be the Police Chief.

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    The Mansion Is Filled With Paintings Of Murdered Presidents

    From Redditor u/Mapuches_on_Fire:

    In Clue (1985), the paintings on the walls are of US presidents who were murdered.

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    A Clue In 'Clue' Sets The Exact Date Of The Movie

    From Redditor u/res30stupid:

    Clue (1986) only gives the year of 1954 as its setting, but Mrs. Ho is watching the House Un-American Committee while preparing dinner. She happens to be watching the famous "Have you no decency?" speech on the news, meaning the film is set on June 9th.

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    Wadsworth Blocks Mrs. Peacock's View Of The Cook During The Dinner Scene

    From Redditor u/ecdc05:

    In Clue (1985), just as the cook turns to look out of the kitchen hatch at the guests, Wadsworth steps in front of Mrs. Peacock as she turns, blocking the cook from her view.

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