Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Clueless'

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Clueless is one of the most popular movies from the 1990s for so many reasons: the fashion, the memorable phrases, and the unforgettable characters. The film followed teenager Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) and her entourage as they went to school during the day and partied in Beverly Hills at night.

These behind-the-scenes stories from the cast give a different perspective on what it was like to film the classic, and why it became the hit movie that it did. Vote up the stories about filming Clueless you find most interesting.

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    Alicia Silverstone Really Didn't Know How To Say 'Haitians'

    According to writer/director Amy Heckerling, Silverstone's naïveté and accidental mispronunciation of certain words was comedy gold. During the debate scene when Cher calls Haitians "Hey-tee-ans," that wasn't a comedic choice, but the star making a mistake. Heckerling recalled Silverstone's innocent error in an interview with Vogue:

    [Silverstone] had the script and she was doing her lines and as soon as I said "cut," the script woman and everyone in the crew started to walk up to her to tell her the right pronunciation and I had to run interference and go, "Step away from the actress. Stand clear of Alicia Silverstone." 

    ...I didn’t want her to know that she had it wrong, I wanted that assurance without her thinking this is funny or a joke - which changes how you say things. There’s something you do when you’re completely confident that just can’t be replicated when you know you’re doing something wrong.

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    Alicia Silverstone's Music Video Debut Landed Her The Part Of Cher

    Writer/director Amy Heckerling said that it was Silverstone's performance in Aerosmith's "Crazy" music video that landed her the part of Cher. Heckerling told Interview magazine that she had her eye on Silverstone after seeing her in the video:

    Her performance in the video - I believed everything. I just went crazy for her. So when I handed the script in, by that time the "Crazy" video was out and I videotaped it. I gave it to the studio and said, "Think of this girl when you read it," and they said "Oh, Liv Tyler?" And I went, "No!" Meanwhile my friend, the casting director, was saying "You've got to see the girl in The Crush." Well, it's the same girl.

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    Two Extras In The Pool Party Scene Ended Up Getting Engaged

    The pool party scene - where Travis ruins Cher's satin shoes and Tai gets hit in the head by a flying clog and dances to "Rollin' With the Homies" - ended up featuring two extras who got engaged in real life.

    Writer/director Amy Heckerling remembered seeing the couple after filming in Vulture's Suck and Blow: The Oral History of the Clueless Party Scene:

    At one point [in the scene], I wanted to see that the party was getting later into the evening: somebody would be throwing up in the swimming pool, and a couple would be making out in the pool... Me and the ADs were saying that if any of the extras wanted to play a couple in the swimming pool that would be making out, they would get extra money for that because they would be wet. [A] couple of people volunteered: a cute guy and a cute girl. And I thought, "well, they’ll make a nice couple." So we asked them if they wanted to do it, and they looked at each other and thought, “Yeah, okay.”

    Years later, I was walking down Melrose and I hear some people going, “Amy! Amy!” And I turn around, and it was them. They met that night. They’re engaged. She shows me the ring that’s been in his family... They became a couple, and when I met them on the street, they were engaged. I don’t know how that marriage worked out, but it was really sweet.

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    Donald Faison Had A Crush On Stacey Dash Off-Screen

    Once Donald Faison landed the part of Murray and realized he would get to play Dionne's boyfriend on-screen, he remembers being totally infatuated with Stacey Dash off-screen. Faison told E! News how he felt about the actress:

    I remember telling my friends that I was going to be dating the girl from Mo’ Money and they were going crazy, asking if I was going to kiss her. I was like, "Yeah! You bet I’m gonna kiss her. I’m gonna give her a good kiss too!"

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    Breckin Meyer Was On Crutches During Filming, So Camera Tricks Hid It

    Despite playing chilled-out skateboarder Travis, Breckin Meyer wasn't half the athlete he was trying to portray in real life. After telling the director and producers he could skate a half-pipe to land the part, when it came down to actually performing the stunt, Meyer broke his foot.

    The actor then spent the rest of filming on crutches, and it took some camera tricks to hide it. Meyer recalled filming with a broken foot in an Entertainment Tonight interview:

    I was rushed to the hospital during the making of this movie because as an actor when someone says, "can you skateboard?" you say, "yes," and when they ask if you can horse ride, you say "yes." So they asked if I could skateboard and I can, but I wasn’t that good at half-pipes and aerials.

    So if you see at the end scene when Travis is talking to Tai and Cher, you don’t see my foot because there’s a big fat cast on it.

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    Josh And Cher's Relationship Was Based On The Creator's Actual Grandparents

    Amy Heckerling, the writer and director of Clueless, used her grandparents' relationship as the basis for Josh and Cher's. Her grandparents met as teenagers after becoming stepsiblings - and fell in love.

    Josh and Cher's romance wasn't the only thing she modeled after her grandparents; the bickering the two characters constantly did was also just like her elder family members. Technically, to some extent, Clueless is based on a true love story.