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The Best Outfits from Clueless

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When Clueless came out in 1995 it totally changed everything. Like, the way we talked, the way we thought about driving (why learn to park when everywhere you go has valet?), and most importantly, the way we dressed. In case you've forgotten any of the looks (as if!) we've compiled a list of the most stylish fashion and best outfits from Clueless

No one can forget the first time they saw Clueless. No greater gal pals have ever hit the silver screen and if you think otherwise, whatever! You're totally buggin'! Dionne, Cher, and Tai stuck together through not only bad grades, bad boyfriend decisions, and bad mall creeps, but also duh! high school! And they looked fabulous doing it. Without Clueless, where else would we have learned about how to mix plaids with more plaids, or how to totally transform from farmer chic to a total Betty overnight?

The girls showed us not only how to rock "school appropriate" clothes, but also what to workout in, what's acceptable for parties in the Valley, and what to wear when your teachers get married. When it comes to accessorizing the girl's showed us that beanies are not only acceptable but necessary, that choker necklaces will always be cool, and that sometimes Dr. Seuss can inspire a whole outfit. 

Put that gum back in your mouth because your gonna need that finger for scrolling through the Clueless fashion below. Not just Cher Clueless outfits, this list has all the best looks from the classic '90s film! Vote up the outfits you think are the most fabulous below!
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    Red and Black Plaid

    A much subtler take on the plaid. All this look needs is a side of Diet Coke!
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    Plaid Yellow Skirt Suit

    This outfit not only defines the movie, but also the entire fashion era that was to follow the film's release. 
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    The Red Alaia

    This red Alaia dress was, like, a totally important moment in our fashion upbringing.
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    Maroon Crushed Velvet

    Sigh... whatever happened to crushed velvet? Dionne was perfection in this look. 
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