The Best Words That Clueless Totally Invented

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All words should have been introduced to the mainstream by the movie Clueless

Clueless invented words that have been etched into the modern American lexicon. Clueless movie quotes have not only helped us convey our thoughts in the most accurate way, they have also redeemed Alicia Silverstone’s career when we forgot how utterly charming she was as Cher. This cult movie hit of the ‘90s was responsible for all manner of new terms in the English language and defined the way '90s kids spoke. But what are the best words from Clueless?

Clueless invented new words and further solidified existing words and phrases of the cultural climate. Between the odd “dope” and “phat,” Clueless strove to “totally” go where no “Betty” had gone before. Clueless invented words that took up residence in our every day speak and have been handed down and modified by the next generation. “Totally” became “totes.” And “generic” became “basic b*tch.” One little film had all that power. While the 1995 film pulled from many eras, including “ring-a-ding kid” from the ’60s, writer and director Amy Heckerling made sure that she wove a rich tapestry of SoCal speak and moved Valley talk a few more miles down the road.

Clueless’s totally funny vocabulary meshed together pop culture references from TV, film, and the random slang that bounced from Beverly Hills to Encino. Sure, some of the terms didn’t survive because no one calls someone a “Baldwin” these days unless they’re shoving paparazzi. But Heckerling knew her audience and was tuned into the mind of the teenager and the way harsh melodrama of high school.

Which Clueless invented words or Clueless movie quotes do you still use? Totally upvote your favorites and try not to be tardy. Because Travis still owns that spot.
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  • As If
    266 votes

    As If

    This scenario is highly implausible. The “naw” of its time.
  • Whatever
    194 votes


    You have been dismissed. Best used with the with the "W" hand signal.
  • Hello!
    142 votes


    Seriously. Can you not even recognize me in this moment right now? 
  • Totally
    169 votes


    Fully encompasses the fact that something was completely accomplished. 
  • Way Harsh
    156 votes

    Way Harsh

    The situation has now surpassed a normal level of harsh.
  • Surfing the Crimson Wave
    150 votes

    Surfing the Crimson Wave

    When a girl, or group of girls, is on her period.