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Coachella 2010 Review - Coachella Festival Rankings 

Clark Benson
Updated September 15, 2017 13k views 17 items

Overall, an excellent Cochella, though the huge crowds definitely added a bit more strain to the experience. Adding Coachella videos to the reviews as soon as they arrive on YouTube - great to see so many fast uploads. List is ranked by how much I liked the set.

Theme of Day 1 of the 2010 Coachella Music Festival: Jams, Coachella style. TCV, LCD, and PiL all played extended, angular, jammy sets. Due to travel and parking hassles I did not get to see as many bands as hoped on Friday. Day 2 and Day 3 were all about equally solid (the jams continued, especially on Day 3 with Yorke).

Sly Stone - we were ready at the tent for the 7PM Sunday start, but then an announcer came to the mic and said "Sly would be playing a bit later in the evening". After the Thom Yorke set the video screen flashed that Sly would be going on the Mojave at 10:45, and we debated staying. I'm very glad we bailed:

I am a happily married man, and perhaps my perspective is off due to the fact that I don't get out much anymore, but it seems to me that the VIP area at coachella, as well as poolside at the nicer resorts this weekend, is host to an incredibly high percentage of some of the most stunning women on the planet. Every year ( I've never missed a coachella) this percentage creeps higher up. Given the quality and credibility of the music here, I take this fact as a very positive sign about society in general.
I don't personally have much of a celeb-spotting radar, but my lovely wife and her friend Alison do:
Coachella Celebrity Sightings day 1:
Drea De Matteo (w/ kid and nanny)
Kelly Osbourne
Penn Badgley (apparently a(Gossip Girl)
Braydon Svansky. Pro skateboarder for Baker Skateboards
Mischa Barton
Various 90201 and Hills people
Melanie Griffith (this one seemed odd to me, but what do I know)

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Sunday 4.18.10 9PM Sahara Tent

Majestic. Every bit as good as my quite-high expectations. Pretty much the perfect hour-long Orbital set. The tent wasn't fully packed out, but the crowd response was ecstatic.

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Saturday 4.17.10 Coachella Stage 9:35pm

Wow. Muse is every bit as good live as I've heard, and way better than their live record indicates. They remind me of 70s rock bands in that once you've seen them live, you will appreciate their studio material that much more. I like the Big Rock and it's good to see some of it coming back.

If I had to describe them live in one word it would be "Scaramouche"

Matthew Bellamy indeed is the love child of May and Mercury.

I've just made the jump from Fan to Real fan.

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Saturday 4.17.10 Coachella Stage 8:00pm

Has just opened w a cover of Peaches and Herb's "reunited". with Roddy Bottom singing the Peaches parts. This sets the theme of occasional MOR interludes mixed in with Bone Crushing FNM heaviness.

I'm really really pleased by this reunion - in a word (sorry - ):Epic. In addition to a near perfect setlist and top notch playing, surprises included Patton going out into the crowd to serenade, jumping in midway, and crowdsurfing about 50 yards back to stage with mike in mouth, as well as a shirtless Danny DeVito (we were pretty sure) rushing the stage on the last song.

Saw FNM on Real Thing and Angel Dust tours and they were every bit as good this time. Shaping up to be a great year for Reunions at Coachella.

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Friday 4/16/10 Outdoor Theatre 11:30PM

PiL played a magnificent career-spanning set to a medium-sized yet very devoted crowd. Rotten was in shockingly fine voice. I am not sure of who all the players in this lineup are but they are top-knotch, especially the bass player, who more than filled heavy Wobble boots. The only *slightly* weak point in the set was "Tie Me To The Length of That" - every other track was well chosen and jammed out. And the inclusion of 2 songs off "Album" - one of my favorite records of the 80s - was more than welcome. The crowd seemed most responsive to those - I think that record did better in the US than any of their others.

Rotten even pulled a bit of Joe Elliot at one point asking for crowd participation without a trace of snideness.

I am slightly bummed that I missed the full theatre show, and will absolutely hit that if it comes back into town, but they certainly pulled the highlights out into a set that lasted slightly over an hour. This set was one of my "hope it's great but who knows" choices of the weekend, and it exceeded even my best expectations.

Public Image Ltd Coachella Setlist April 16 2010:

This is Not a Love Song
Tie Me To The Length of That
Death Disco
Flowers of Romance
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