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Coachella 2011 Review - Coachella Festival Rankings  

Clark Benson
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Reviewing Coachella 2011 on-the-fly liveblogging as it happens, and ranking the highlights. Videos of the performances as well. Friday's Coachella was pound-for-pound the best day of music at Coachella yet, and I've been to them all. Overall the 2011 Coachella festival was on a par with the best of them, maybe the best of all, though there wasn't one particular jaw-dropping headliner or one-of-a-kind reunion.

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One Day As a Lion
Mojave Tent - absolutely packed

The loudest, and best, set of the weekend. And why not - given the pairing of The Best Frontman In Rock (Zach from Rage Against the Machine) with The Best Drummer in Rock (ex-Volta Jon Theodore) + a euro-lookin dude triggering all kindsa fat thick rock sounds from a keyboard. Amazing.

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The Strokes is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Coachella 2011 Review - Coachella Festival Rankings
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Main Stage. Crowd: big

The Strokes are frankly great. I'm kinda shocked that they are my #2 for the fest, given that - while I'm a pretty big fan - I've never thought they were a particularly great LIVE band. Maybe it's that as amazing as this weekend has been, there are no Godhead-live-bands-at-the-top-of-their-games on the bill?

Regardless of the reason and notwithstanding a not-100%-perfect setlist, the Strokes are rocking my - and everyone else near me - 's world. Casablancas is in a playful mood and they are playing as good as I've ever seen them.

The Strokes Coachella 2011 Setlist:
I Can't Win
Hard To Explain
Under Cover of Darkness
New York City Cops
You're So Right
The Modern Age
You Only Live Once
Taken for a Fool
Under Control
Last Nite
Take It Or Leave It

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Outdoor Theatre. Crowd: decent sized.

Cold War Kids pretty much kill it in a tight no-filler set. Out of a fantastic and packed no-lull Friday lineup, the Cold War Kids' set was the one still ringing in my brain walking to the car at 1:30 AM, so i'm going to give them the nod for my fave so far.

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