Graveyard Shift The Tragic Story Of A Singer Who Performed With Snakes And Paid The Ultimate Price  

Tucker DeSaulnier

Irma Bule was one of many Indonesian performers with a hook to her act, a strong visual to attract crowds. The young musician took the stage using snakes as props, and it was a strong signature until a venomous king cobra killed Bule in the middle of a performance.

Bule, who was 29 years old at the time of her death, was known in some corners of her West Java province for goyang ular, which translates to "snake dance moves." She worked in the popular dangdut genre, touring the countryside for modest crowds and returns.

For three years prior to the accident that killed her, Bule performed with pythons, which had their mouths taped shut even though they aren't venomous. At this performance, however, she was working with a highly dangerous cobra, and despite what Bule believed, it was not defanged.

When she stepped on the snake's tail during her second song, it struck, biting her. A consummate professional, Bule continued singing and dancing for as long as 45 minutes, when the audience witnessed a truly horrific spectacle right there on stage.