People Describe Their Most Awful Cockroach Horror Stories

If you’ve ever lived in the southern United States or a warm, tropical environment, you've probably experienced your share of roaches. Maybe you’ve even been attacked by one. Redditors have true cockroach horror stories that will make you hate the insects forever, though. In fact, you'll never look at any bugs the same after hearing these creepy-crawly tales.

  • A Cockroach Tried To Nest In A Child's Ear

    From Redditor /u/Jaybird37:

    While in the ER waiting for my stepdad to be seen, nurses wheel in a little boy about four years old who's screaming and crying while clawing at the left side of his head. They put him in the bed right next to us and all these doctors and nurses keep coming and going to look at him. Finally they pull out a large roach from his left ear. Apparently the roach was digging, trying to make a nest. Everyone was horrified.

  • A Cockroach Flew Into Someone's Eyeball

    From Redditor /u/cliquepop:

    This one time I felt something land on my neck and instinctively tried to scare it off thinking it was a mosquito or a fly, turns out it was a huge flying cockroach, roughly 3/4 of the size of the palm of my hand... I let out a terrified scream, grabbed it with my right hand, threw it against the wall and the mother*cking-evil-bastard-son-of-a-demon-b*tch didn't die, it just got really pissed off... really pissed off.

    And then... IT FLEW RIGHT INTO MY EYE, I had glasses on so the physical damage was minimal, but I was psychologically exhausted and afraid, I began crazily swatting away with my right hand as it flew above me waiting to strike again. It then landed on my hair, I grabbed it again with my right hand and crushed it with all my might, it was the grossest, most satisfying crunch I've ever heard in my life, but my right hand has never felt clean since then.

  • Three Roaches Nested In A Woman's Private Parts

    From Redditor /u/Adarkeidei:

    I honestly wasn't going to do this, but after reading these horror stories, I feel that I must. When I was in my late teens, I worked for a hospital in a small town on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. This woman was brought into the ER late night on a weekend for cardiac failure. They asked me, the ER Tech, to look into her purse to see if it contained any medication she was on. When I opened the purse, I would say 10-12 cockroaches flew or scurried out of her purse. This is not the worst part.

    Mind you, I have an almost unnatural fear of cockroaches. This woman was in her high 70s. We got her heart started, but as we had to disrobe her and check her out, we noticed she was obviously bed-ridden from her bed-sores and such. Through her body search, we noticed that her lower region was... twitching. One of the female nurses checked out her vagina and as she did, three LARGE roaches crawled out. They were building a nest inside her.

    My skin still crawls to this day when thinking about that sh*t.

  • A Computer Was Totally Filled With Roaches

    From Redditor /u/R3cognizer:

    When I worked in retail at a certain computer retailer store that shall henceforth remain nameless, I was a service writer for the repair department. One day, a customer brings in a computer to be serviced that immediately turns itself off the moment someone attempts to power it up. Of course, we immediately suspected a bad power supply as any good technician would, but the person next to me notices that there are these little black "hairs" sticking out from some of the cracks in its case somehow. Thinking that perhaps it was just dirty, someone gets the bright idea of cracking open the case and prepares to blast it with an air compressor. TOTAL FREAK OUT! It turns out, those "little black hairs" were all roach antennas, and the computer was absolutely FILLED to capacity with them. They started crawling around everywhere, so we stuffed the PC into a garbage bag as quickly as we could and took it outside, whereupon an exterminator who happened to be stopping by for some software discreetly asked us to point him in the direction of the customer. I'd have to say that's probably my biggest computer-related gross-out moment EVER, and I will never again be able to see a cockroach without my stomach developing an ulcer at the thought that my computer too may one day have roaches in it.

  • A Roach Was In His Undies

    From Redditor /u/wildncrazyguy:

    I was five. Just waking up from a good night's slumber, I started walking to the kitchen to fix myself a bowl of cereal. As was typical back in those days, I was traipsing along in nothing but my He-Man underwear when I started to feel something a little "pinchy" down there, which progressively got worse as the splines of this critter moving around dug into my bean sack. I started what might universally be understood as the "get this critter off my nutsack" dance and flailed all about until I popped open the waistband and with He-Man augmented thrust, flung Pedoroach onto the ground where he quickly scattered away. We both parted our ways with only minimal psychological damage.

  • They Almost Drank A Roach

    From Redditor /u/laces_out:

    I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. Stumbled into the kitchen without turning the light on, grabbed my mug of water off the counter and began to drink. A roach crawled out of the mug and onto my face as I was drinking.