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People Describe Their Most Awful Cockroach Horror Stories  

Stefanie Hammond
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If you’ve ever lived in the southern United States or a warm, tropical environment, you've probably experienced your share of roaches. Maybe you’ve even been attacked by one. Redditors have true cockroach horror stories that will make you hate the insects forever, though. In fact, you'll never look at any bugs the same after hearing these creepy-crawly tales.

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A Roach Was In His Undies

From Redditor /u/wildncrazyguy:

I was five. Just waking up from a good night's slumber, I started walking to the kitchen to fix myself a bowl of cereal. As was typical back in those days, I was traipsing along in nothing but my He-Man underwear when I started to feel something a little "pinchy" down there, which progressively got worse as the splines of this critter moving around dug into my bean sack. I started what might universally be understood as the "get this critter off my nutsack" dance and flailed all about until I popped open the waistband and with He-Man augmented thrust, flung Pedoroach onto the ground where he quickly scattered away. We both parted our ways with only minimal psychological damage.

They Almost Drank A Roach

From Redditor /u/laces_out:

I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. Stumbled into the kitchen without turning the light on, grabbed my mug of water off the counter and began to drink. A roach crawled out of the mug and onto my face as I was drinking.

A Roach Crawled Into The Brother's Ear

From Redditor /u/beersandbeards:

I was 12 and my brother was eight, it was around 10:30 PM on the Fourth of July. We stood under a streetlight on the neighboring culdesac while the adults and older kids set off fireworks for the crowd. It happened in a flash, the roach landed on and crawled all the way into my brother's ear before he even had a chance to blink. For the next twenty minutes he screamed nonstop, shaking his head toward the ground and back up, digging his fingers deep into his ear canal. Eventually he ran back home, someone put a flashlight to his ear and the roach crawled out and flew away. He still hates to hear me retell the story.

The Old Sandwich Maker Was Full Of Roach Eggs

From Redditor /u/notandxor:

We took out this sandwich maker that had been sitting in storage for God knows how long. No one cleaned it properly, [but] someone made my sandwiches for lunch at school. So I happily eat them, and a couple of hours later I feel really, really sick. I throw up in the middle of the classroom and again and a few more times by the time they got me to the nurses office. Turns out there were roach eggs in [the] sandwich maker, and I ate them. I’ve got an unnatural fear of roaches ever since.