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14 Times Cocky Anime Characters Got Put In Their Place

Updated 29 Jul 2020 7.7k votes 1.6k voters 56.9k views14 items

Few things are more satisfying than watching an arrogant character get their comeuppance - especially when they're a villain who gets exactly what they deserve. But even when it's a relatively innocuous situation, it's fun to watch cocky anime characters who got put in their place.

A more light-hearted example of this trope is Chrome from Dr. Stone, who thinks himself a master of sorcery, but who gets owned by the scientifically minded Senku, who can see through every trick. On the more dramatic side is Steely Dan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a sadistic monster who begs for mercy after threatening to destroy Jotaro's brain. 

Which characters are really getting their just desserts, and which ones met with too harsh a fate? You be the judge. 

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