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Coco movie quotes help tell the story in the film about one young boy who finds himself in the Land of the Dead and must reunite his family using music to return to the Land of the Living. The computer-animated movie was directed by Lee Unkrich using a screenplay by Adrian Molina and Matthew Aldrich using a story the three created with Jason Katz. Coco opened theatrically in the United States on November 22, 2017. You can check out more media like it on our list of shows and movies like Coco!

In Coco, 12-year-old Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) loves music but that's not really acceptable in his family. So after his Abuelita Elena (voiced by Renée Victor) breaks his guitar on the Day of the Dead, Miguel goes to the mausoleum of his great-great grandfather, famous musician Ernesto de la Cruz (voiced by Benjamin Brett), and steals Ernesto's guitar. Instantly, Miguel finds himself transported to the Land of the Dead.

Miguel is confused as to why he's among the dead, including Hector (voiced by Gael García Bernal), and soon learns that in order to return to the Land of the Living, he needs to get the blessing of one of his ancestors. Considering his dead loved ones don't approve of Miguel's interest in music, this leads to quite the challenge for Miguel.

Coco movie quotes provide the dialogue for the film just like quotes for other late 2017 movies do such as for Call Me By Your Name, I, Tonya, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and The Disaster Artist.

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Welcome to the Land of Your Ancestors
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Miguel: Great great grandfather, I want to be a musician just like you.
Elderly Ghost: Alright, who’s in there?
Miguel: I’m sorry.
Arrival Agent: Welcome to the land of your ancestors!

After Abuelita Elena destroys Miguel's guitar, he visits his great-great grandfather's mausoleum and begins to play the guitar displayed inside. But in a shocking series of events, this leads the very much alive Miguel to pass over into the Land of the Dead.

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You're Alive!
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Miguel: You're skeletons!
Skeleton: You're alive!

Still in shock from suddenly arriving in the Land of the Dead, Miguel is surprised to be among skeletons. As is evident in this Coco movie quote, the skeletons are equally as surprised to see a live human.

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You've Got to Do It by Sunrise
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Hector: If there’s no one left in the living world to remember you, you disappear from this world. But you can change that!
Miguel: We got to find my great great grandpa.
Head Clerk: You got to do it by sunrise!
Miguel: What happens at sunrise?
Head Clerk: You’ll be stuck here forever.

The Head Clerk lays out what Miguel must do in order to return to the Land of the Living. He must find his great-great grandfather and do so by sunrise or forever be stuck in the Land of the Dead.

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I'm Not Supposed to Love Music
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Miguel: I know, I’m not supposed to love music. But my great-grandma Coco’s father was the greatest musician of all time, Ernesto de la Cruz. One day he left with his guitar and never returned, now my family thinks music is a curse.

In this Coco movie quote, Miguel explains why his family is opposed to music. Despite his family's wishes, Miguel adores music and wants nothing more than to play it himself.

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