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Cody Fern Clapbacks From 'American Horror Story' That Burn Hotter Than The Devil

June 2, 2021 492 votes 47 voters18 items

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Cody Fern only started appearing as a cast member of American Horror Story in the eight season (Apocalypse), but in the role of Micahel Langdon, AKA The Antichrist, he quickly became a series darling. He even returned for the next season, 1984, as the smart-mouthed Xavier Plympton. 

Both of these characters are undeniably compelling, charming, and above all, sassy. So here are some of the best clapbacks Cody Fern characters have delivered on the show. Vote up your favorites, and for even more Cody Fern content, be sure to check out these hilarious interviews with the actor himself.

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    You're Not Deep Enough To Be Emo

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    Fern's On Fire?
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    The Sting Of Rejection

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    He Really Does Care

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    Please, Satan Is My Father's Name

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