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All The Coen Brothers Movie References In The 'Fargo' Series

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Fans of the critically acclaimed FX series Fargo know that the show isn't simply just an adaptation of the 1996 film of the same name. Fargo is a tribute to the mythical world of the Coen Brothers (aka The "Coen-verse"). Noah Hawley loves to play within their realm of storytelling, referencing themes and characters from various Coen films all throughout the series. Most of these references are sprinkled into the story allegorically but, in a show as well crafted as Fargo, you are bound to see some visual nods as well. 

Here are some of the best Easter eggs from the Coen-verse in the Fargo series. 

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    UFO ('The Man Who Wasn't There')

    Photo: USA Films / FX

    The UFO showing up in season two was not completely out of the ordinary. Aliens already exist in the Coen-verse, appearing in their 2001 film The Man Who Wasn't There. 

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    Aces ('Intolerable Cruelty')

    Billy Bob Thornton says the line 'aces' in Intolerable Cruelty which later becomes his catchphrase in Fargo

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    White Russian ('The Big Lebowski')

    Photo: Fargo / FX

    The Dude's favorite drink, the White Russian, is the daily special in the pilot episode of Fargo.

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    'Goin' Crazy at the Lake' ('Fargo')

    In season two, when Hanzee interrogates the gas station clerk, the line 'goin' crazy down there at the lake' is a reference to the same line in Fargo (1996). 

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