Lee Kang Bin Makes Coffee Art So Gorgeous You'll Think It's Photoshopped, But You Can Totally Drink It

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Step aside, oil paints and macramé: elaborate latte art by Lee Kang Bin is one of the most delightful and consumable art forms this planet was meant to enjoy. Pouring supreme amounts of delicate precision over the bubbling foam layer of a latte, Lee Kang Bin's coffee art — known as CreamArt — recreates famous paintings, remasters Disney films, and retouches portraits of people and animals, all in a small, steamy space. Creations from the coffee artist are so lovely and inspiring, you won't know if you want to drink them up or freeze them in a painting forever. 

Lee Kang Bin proudly displays his best works across his social media and shares his craft with the world via his own coffee shop in South Korea. His shop is a hub not only serving as an art gallery for his caffeinated creations but also for teaching latte art classes to student baristas. There's no better master to teach the craft of melding beauty with taste and an eye for detail than Lee Kang Bin.