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15 Coffee Drinkers Reveal Secrets To Brewing A Good Pot

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Coffee brewing is an art but one that can be achieved by everyone. This artistic talent hides interesting coffee drinker secrets that will turn even the less skilled person into an extraordinary brewer. Check out these coffee tips to impress your friends with the best pot ever! Which tricks did you find the most interesting? 

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    Use Fresh Beans

    From Redditor u/fangb*ner:

    Fresh beans and using anything other than a drip maker is key.

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    Step By Step

    From Redditor u/rylanb:

    Detailing my friend's process as best I can:

    Get a scale, consistent weight/amount for each coffee type are great. You will need some trial and error within each bean type. 40g of a dark roast won't taste the same as 40g of a light roast. Even different regions will taste different and you might have to add a little bit more or less.

    Flick a bit of water (wet fingers under a faucet first) into the whole beans BEFORE grinding in a BURR grinder (NOT a blade grinder)

    Get a cone filter for pour-over or a french press

    Bloom the grounds with VERY hot water (boiling 202 - 212F depending on what elevation you live in). This means wet the grounds almost too soaked but try to prevent any water from actually filtering into the carafe or cup below

    Wait ~1 minute for the coffee to bloom/soak

    Pour more water in a circular motion around the cone with the grounds. Wait for it to filter, repeat until you have the amt of coffee you want.

    The trial/error you'll need to do is how much water to use and how much weight in beans to put in there. I think the friend does 40g beans to 750g of water approximately and adjusts for each roast. You will get some thinner ones and some too dark ones.

    It is very delicious, though.

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    Invest In A Coffee Grinder

    From Redditor u/terror569:

    Invest in Moka express. It’s definitely affordable and it’s the closest you get to actual espresso. Also do not buy coffee from a casual market, but visit a coffee shop and buy some f*cking good, ground coffee. Whenever you are ready you can invest in a good coffee grinder. Good luck!

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    Put Salt In Your Coffee

    From Redditor u/momofeveryone5:

    Counter top drip coffee maker, fresh coffee in a can or grind it at the grocery store, cold cold cold water, a tiny pinch of salt in the grounds. 1 scooper/1tbsp per two cups on the pot. So if you are making 6 cups, you use 3 scoops.

    You can do the fancy press or espresso, I liked them when I have time on the weekend, but for daily use, this will work.

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