15 Coffee Shop Employees Share Stories Of Entitled Customers So You Don't Become One

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Customers at coffee shops may just be some of the worst if these entitled coffee shop customer stories are anything to go off of. Read on to learn what not to do at a coffee shop so you don't become a story yourself.

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    Yelled And Took Money From The Tip Jar

    From Redditor u/Pandanin35:

    Long story short, I got yelled at by a lady who was mad that I put her sandwich in the same handle bag as her 5 pastries. Then she announced to the whole store that she wanted her tip back and stole $3 out of the tip jar.

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    Wouldn't Stop Reaching For Their Order Under The Barrier

    From Redditor u/rupindah:

    I have a regular who is mega entitled and she kept reaching under the barrier to get her mobile order. Except sometimes it wasn’t hers, so in the interest of safety we had to remake that mobile. She was warned, by my SM even, not to do it.

    One day she did it and I looked at her and said “do that one more time (name) and I’ll dump out every waiting mobile order to remake it and you will pay for the wastage.”

    “You can’t do that.”

    “I absolutely can.”

    She never did it again. She also seems kind of scared of me now.

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    Tried To Get Extra Toppings For Free And Get An Employee Fired

    From Redditor u/red_birds:

    This one-woman used to come into my old store and order a chestnut praline latte with extra extra extra extra extra chestnut praline topping, and then she’d also order a short cup of the whip on the side with another 10 tons of chestnut praline topping on that too. She would literally ask us to take off the top and just dump it on there. It legit ended up being over half a container of chestnut praline topping every time she came in. We were required to charge for all that extra stuff. It ended up coming to over $12 or something, and she raised hell and lied and complained every time. It was so exhausting dealing with her each time she came in. Most of the time, the baristas would let her force them into giving her all that extra stuff for free (probably just to get her out of their faces that much quicker), but not me.

    I was a shift supervisor at the time and I’m admittedly kind of a hard-*ss about policy. I also get wicked, wicked glee out of sticking it to entitled *ssholes who think they can pick on and threaten us into giving them whatever they want. I always charged her full price, every time.

    So she waited until I was out of town on my honeymoon to go to my manager and accuse me of swiping money off her Starbucks card. Fortunately, I was at that store for years and everyone knew me. Even the store manager and I were good friends, so they pretty much laughed her out of the building. But still, under different circumstances that could have turned out really badly for me. I wonder how many other baristas she’s pulled that bullshit on and actually gotten in trouble.

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    Complained The Barista Didn't Look Him In The Eyes While Making His Drink

    From Redditor u/Joshenzx:

    This one guy comes through the drive-thru, gets egg white bites in an oatmeal container with no fork, okay, a little different, but fine. He also gets a grande cold brew with cream... he's complained that we put too much, so, he wants us to pour the cream for him at the window and let him watch to make sure it's the right amount... a little extra to do, but... fine. So, he came through one day, and it was the first time he asked me to pour the cream at the window. I, not really thinking it through, didn't think of letting him watch, so he said it was too much and to remake it. So... got another cold brew, let him watch, and he said it was good, and that was that. 15 minutes later, HE CALLED THE STORE COMPLAINING THAT I DID NOT LOOK HIM IN THE EYE WHILE POURING THE CREAM IN HIS COLD BREW. Like...WHAT!? This was the second time he's complained about me, out of the many times he's complained to the store, (he tried to get $40 worth of free food once), and I am just AMAZED he has not gotten refused service.

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    Threatened To Pull An Employee Out Of The Window For "Rolling Their Eyes"

    From Redditor u/Bellacide:

    One time I had a customer complaining about me to my shift supervisor. I was new at the time. So as the customer was talking to my supervisor, the customer threatened to pull me out of the window and beat my *ss.

    My misdeed? She thought I rolled my eyes at her for asking for whipped cream on her frappuccino.

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    A Woman Got Her Own Water After Being Told Not To

    From Redditor u/T1CanneT:

    The other day this woman just stuck her water cup under our tap in the middle of a rush and I said “uh, ma’am you can’t...” but before I could finish she looked at me and giggled and continued to fill her cup up. I finally just shouted “MA’AM IM SORRY BUT THAT IS A HEALTH CODE VIOLATION PLEASE REMOVE YOUR HAND FROM BEHIND THE COUNTER” with the biggest retail grin plastered on my face. It was a long day and my sanity was waning.